2017 Goals + Big Changes for CCP! | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer | International + Desination Photographer

One of my New Years resolutions for my business was to be more timely with blog posts…and it looks like I’ve already failed! Here it is January 10th and I’m finally getting around to thinking about 2016 and what I want this NEW year to look like.

I have a defense though!!! Hear me out.

I find the expectation that goal setting comes right at the new year to be a bit of a burden. Coming off the high of the holidays and a lapse in work mode I like taking the time to ease back into things and to really reflect on the past year and what needs to happen moving forward. In years past I’ve been a bit overeager, setting goals and making resolutions right on the heels of January 1st only to realize down the road that the “real” work is in making the goals not pursuing them. If your goals are bad and not well thought out, you’ll have a difficult year ahead of you that’s moving toward the wrong things.

I’m honestly still sorting through some of these in my head. Some of them may shift and change over time, but I wanted to hold myself accountable as much as possible to my resolution of more frequent and more timely blog posts. Plus, I’m hoping some of you will have some tips and advice for me on the below and I’d love to hear what YOUR goals are!

– Embrace minimalism! We have some big life changes coming up that involve travel and a location change. While plans are still nebulous what IS certain is that we have too. much. stuff. My parents have been telling me that for years and I’m only just starting to believe it myself. I’ve really caught on (in theory) to this minimalism craze…now I just need to put it into practice. 2017 will be a time of simplifying, purging and making wiser decisions about what we buy and keep in our house. Right now I’m focusing on paring down my wardrobe to a capsule wardrobe. Have you ever made one of those? Essentially, it means I get to keep a grand total of 15-20 pieces of clothing (HOW?) with the goal of not making impulsive buys on frivolous things in the future.

Blog at least 1-2x a week

Collect 15 stories in 2017 for the book I’m writing.

– Here’s a tough one…keep my phone across the room when it’s time for bed instead of plugged in next to me. This will a) prevent me from mindless scrolling late at night and first thing in the morning and b) will make me get out of bed ASAP when my alarm goes off

– Finish reading through the whole Bible! Some parts are boring, some are confusing, some don’t make sense (initially), but I think EVERY serious believer in Jesus (who has the access and literacy) needs to read the bible front to cover. I started this endeavor over a year ago and am rounding the home stretch. I’ve learned SO much already and it’s really deepened my understanding (as much as we can understand!) of who God is and isn’t. Here’s the one I’m using: https://www.blueletterbible.org/dailyreading/PDF/1Yr_ChronologicalPlan.pdf

– Travel the world! While Ben is still locked into a commitment at his 9-5 job, his time is quickly dwindling there and we couldn’t be more excited! He’ll officially be released May 19th and then we’re going to PARTAY. Just kidding. We’re going to do A LOT of house organizing, packing and figuring out adult things like health insurance and new investments. We ARE however, going to be making a disjointed around the world trip between October 2017 and March 2018. This sadly means my wedding photography will be put on hold temporarily. It’s been a hard thing to come to terms with since I LOVE photographing weddings but we’re excited to travel together, make memories and learn more about other cultures and the diversity of our world. And, what I’ll be giving up here in D.C., I’ll be hoping to gain abroad….

– Shoot more international/destination weddings and photography. Continuing the theme of travel, one of my goals is to photograph more overseas. I grew up abroad the first 18 years of my life as well as studied abroad in Paris and I absolutely love the beauty and stories that other places offer. Items that fall under this goal for our time of overseas travel include: shooting landscapes and details in film, photographing couples and shooting a wedding (all in film maybe!). If you, or anyone you know of, are getting married or are going to be in the following places and are interested in a complimentary portrait session please write me!!! 

Places we’re aiming to visit:

May/early June of 2016: Paris, Loire Valley, Gordes, Marseilles, Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome
October 2017-November 2017: Southern Italy, Greece, Israel, China
January 2018-March 2018: Buenos Aries, New Zealand, Australia, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, India
More about our travels and what that means for Camille Catherine Photography from October 2017-March 2018 will be coming to the blog soon!

– Grow W&E by 50% in profit in 2017

– Find the perfect associate shooter for Camille Catherine Photography. Yup, that’s right. I’m growing my business, or I guess I call it a studio now?, and I’m so excited about this potential addition to my business that will let me serve MORE couples in the D.C. area and give them the Camille Catherine Photography experience. An associate photographer means that people can work with CCP even if I’m booked for their wedding date! An associate is someone who will have just as much experience as I do and shoot with the same quality equipment. You’ll be able to book them for less than my normal package and you’ll work with them for your engagement session and wedding day while I’ll edit your photos so you can be assured they’ll look exactly like what you see in my portfolio. If you’re interested in applying please email me at hello@camillecatherine.com

– Attend one photography workshop to further my skill and education in the field

– Shoot more film! If anyone wants to dress up, head into D.C. (or Europe!) and have their portraits taken let me know. I’m looking to shoot and experiment more with film photography in 2017 because, well, look at it….

– Read 30 books – an even mix of non-fiction and fiction

Give more generously to organization in need and use part of our travels to volunteer with great non-profit organizations working overseas (if anyone knows of organizations that need help please let me know!)

– Finish my personal training externship at LifeTime fitness

Gosh, I’m tired just from typing all that!!! Thinking about accomplishing all of it is both an exhausting thought and an exciting one! After putting it on paper I wondered if some of these were overambitious and if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I tend to easily think and dream big but falter in execution…which is why I’m so glad I have Ben who is the best “doer” I know. I also love this quote from Hal Elrod ““Be grateful for all that you have, accepting of all that you don’t, and actively create all that you want.”

In my mind goals are only as good as how satisfied you are with who you are and what you’ve accomplished. I used to think accomplishing goals would begin to define who I was and validate me. As if accomplishing goals was a stamp of approval on who I am, how I spend my time and what I’m worth. Then I began to realize that achieving things IS satisfying and and a necessary part of developing in life and growing….but it’s not something that can or should determine my worth. God says that I am “honored, precious in His sight and that He loves me.” And that should be enough to satisfy my soul and bring me joy – not how many goals I can check off my list. I believe that working toward goals in a healthy way comes out of knowing this truth and it’s something I’m striving to embody/understand more in 2017.

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