Hi there and welcome – I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Camille and I’m a wedding photographer with a bend towards classic style, authentic people and down-to-earth brides and grooms.  I’ve spent the majority of my life living overseas in places like Korea, Belgium and Paris. Experiences responsible for shaping me into a lover of meeting new people, classic beauty, finding joy in unexpected places, culinary experiences (ok, it’s mainly cookie dough and crêpes that I’m interested in) and a good love-story.

My husband and I currently both own our own businesses and are taking a few months out of the next year to travel the world and live in some of our favorite places. I photograph weddings all over the place but work primarily in Austin, Boston and Washington D.C.

I find inspiration for both my daily life and my work in exploring new places, authentic conversations, the unchanging grace of Jesus, and my amazing husband Ben. He’s my best friend, my rock, encourager, and the person who makes me believe every. single. day. that marriage is the greatest joy and adventure of a lifetime.

I really value establishing a genuine connection with my clients. Besides producing great memories and photographs, my goal in being a wedding photographer is to create an environment where my couples feel the freedom to be authentic and 100% true to themselves. Forced poses and awkward smiles are not a part of my vocabulary! If you think we might be a good fit drop me a note. I’d love to chat or grab coffee and get to know you a bit better.




My Husband


This might seem like an obligatory item to have on the list but I couldn’t mean it more sincerely. I knew the day I met Ben I’d never find anyone else like him and we’d end up married. Aside from juggling flaming torches and being an avid skydiver (yea, he’s crazy!) he has the ability to make me laugh every single day and helps mold me into the best version of myself…while loving who I am in the moment 110%.


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I spent the first 18 years of my life abroad living in Germany, Korea, Brussels and studying abroad in Paris. Seeing the variety of people, cultures and traditions the world has to offer has made me a lover of details and personal stories, but my heart keeps coming back to France. It’s one of my favorite places to re-visit and feels most like home to me. I love everything about it from the bakeries and markets to the museums and rich history.


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Finally understanding exactly who Jesus is and what he offers at the age of 22 changed my life forever. I’ve come to learn and experience that God is so much bigger and more beautiful than we can possibly fathom and I see him more frequently in nature, people, art, and even great food, than I do in church buildings.


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Though I’m biased and believe photos have the most power to preserve memories, writing, photographing and receiving letters is one of my favorite things. When we started dating, Ben got into the habit of leaving me letters, notes and poems in random places throughout my day. I’ve saved every single one of them in a shoebox and revisiting those scribbled out words is like a time portal to the past.


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Wine + Cheese


Going in hand in hand with my love for France (and Europe in general), there isn’t a cheese I’ve met that I didn’t love. Not like. LOVE. I could eat cheese, baguettes and fruit jam (with a glass of wine) every night for dinner. Luckily I married a Cheesehead from the country’s “Dairy State” who puts up with my obsession!


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Your love story is your legacy and through my photography I’m committed to documenting it authentically and beautifully for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by. I believe that marriage is one of the most exhilarating, worthy, beautiful adventures two souls can embark on together, and it’s an honor for me to support you in that adventure; Whether it’s through your engagement, on your actual wedding day, or long after the flowers have wilted and the only tangible things you’re left with are the photographs that grace your living room walls.

I photograph so passionately because I’ve seen the value in my own life of having beautiful and timeless wedding photographs. They immortalize memories and leave a powerful legacy. They’re sustenance for my soul when things aren’t picture perfect. And joyful reminders of the commitment Ben and I made to each other on our wedding day.

Memories are a powerful weapon; and it’s so easy to remember wrongly. My hope is that my ability to authentically and visually capture your story and your memories, down to every last detail and spontaneous moment, will always enable you to remember. And remember well. After all, your wedding day is only the beginning…

 i love working with brides who…
• Care more about being married than getting married

• Care more about being in the moment and living adventurously than having
every hair perfectly in place

• See the value in authentic and timeless photography and the legacy it will leave

• Take marriage seriously and are prepared to live out their commitment…
even when things get hard

• Are authentic and genuine and look for the same qualities in their friends,
partner…and even wedding photographer