Ashley and Zach | Charleston Anniversary Session

To celebrate my new venture as a full-time wedding photography, my mom and I took a little trip down to Charleston. I’d never been before and had always wanted to go – and man, let me tell you! I wish I’d gone sooner! Between the vibrant colors, delicious food and fact that the city is right on the water I completely fell in love.

While I was done there I had a chance to do a portrait session with Zach and Ashley (another wedding photographer) and their furry bundle of joy, Sky. Shooting with them was a great for me to explore the city and hear about it from a local’s perspective. We started on the iconic Church Street and made our way down to the waterfront right before sunset. How cool is it that we found such a brightly colored pink wall that matched Ashley’s dress perfectly? I guess that’s Charleston for you! They really seem to like their pink buildings.

I’m already planning a trip back to the Holy City (soon hopefully!), but in the meantime I at least have these pictures to relive my trip down there!

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