Film Photography From Our Pacific Northwest Trip | Washington D.C. Film Wedding Photographer

I’ve been trying to shoot more person film work recently. I’ve found that it really trains my creative mind and eye by forcing me to assess ideal composition and subject matter. I shoot medium format which means I only have 16 shots on a roll film…and by the time you get done with all the developing costs it works out to costing around $3 per shot you take. So needless to say I like to make each one count!

As a mainly digital wedding photographer up until this point I am slowly incorporating film into wedding days during bride and groom portrait times. I find that film wedding photography captures color as well as detail in highlights and shadows is particularly lovely and mesmerizing. I don’t see the value yet in shooting an entire day in film but I think for the portraits you’ll cherish the most and blow up and hang on your living room walls, film is totally worth it.

Ben and I took a trip out to Seattle a few weeks ago. We were there for some business meetings with Amazon but also got to stay at a friend’s beach cabin on Camano Island. Despite it being a rather grey weekend typical of the Pacific Northwest we had the best time exploring the rugged coast line! I also took the opportunity to practice with some film. We had a STUNNING view of both the Cascades AND Olympics from the bedroom window and direct access down a 40 foot cliff to the beach. My style is usually more airy and bright but because of the grey overcast my film scans came back moody and dark…and I love them! I am SO excited to continue shooting film during our travels and sprinkling it into weddings for my couples who have requested it and want to pay the additional fee.

For those wondering this roll was Portra 400 and developed by the FIND Lab.





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