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In the midst of moving from D.C. to Boston I accidentally misplaced these rolls of film from our France trip for a few weeks. Organizing a 2 bed condo into stuff for long term storage, stuff to sell, give away and stuff to bring with you for the next 4 months of Boston living was NOT an easy task!

Turns out I had tucked the film into a safe keeping place knowing I’d send them out for development when we got to Boston. I’m SO glad I didn’t lose these as they captured precious moments from our two week trip to France Ben and I took in May to celebrate him getting out of the Air Force.

I accidentally only packed Portra 800 with me for our trip which I usually am not a huge fan of. Despite the fact they’re a little too dark and warm for my liking I overall LOVE how these turned out and can’t wait to print and frame them and add them to our growing collection of travel photography from our adventures together.

I grew up in Belgium and studied abroad in Paris and France has become one of my favorite countries over the years. In a strange way it feels like coming home every time I go there and I always discover something new and delightful when I’m there. It kind of feels like being in a dream – especially when I get to share it with Ben – a recent Francophile convert! Part of the purpose of our trip was for me to show Ben some of my favorite parts of the country that I have great memories from (with an underlying hope that I would end up making him fall in love with it as much as I do!)

We started our trip in the Loire Valley where we rented bikes to take through the countryside and visit some chateaux. After that we made our way down to Provence. My family used to take summer vacations there every year we lived in Belgium and I have such good memories of being there. We had some hilarious/terrifying driving adventures down there though which gave me new respect for my dad and how he drove us all around Provence without a complaint or incident.

After that we drove back up north and stopped in Burgundy which I think might be one of my new favorite areas of France. I don’t remember spending any time there when I was younger but we did some great vineyard tours and had a relaxing evening in Beaune (wine Mecca) before heading to the Vosges to stay with old French family friends who rolled out the royal carpet for us with delicious food and more WINE 😀

We were also able to spend a night in Freiburg, Germany with a good friend of Ben’s from the Air Force Academy which was a blast. After that we headed back to Paris for a few nights which were completely magical. Ben surprised me with a food tour in Montmartre which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in history and gastronomy. It was definitely a highlight of the trip!

Enjoy the photos and in the meantime I’ll be over here daydreaming about my next boulangerie visit 🙂


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