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Happy New Year everyone! I know I’m a bit belated here but I BROKE my elbow over the Christmas holiday and have been a bit slow getting caught up on work and up to being a fully functioning member of society again. How did it happen? I know you’re hoping for a cool story but I simply slipped on some black ice in Minneapolis while visiting Ben’s family. Where I was GOING however, right after I slipped, was pretty exciting.

A lot has transpired since my last Midweek Musings update. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on in our world below.

  • As I alluded to above, my elbow-breaking story is pretty lame but I had my black ice accident going into the radio studio and office of one of my favorite podcast hosts and writers of all times. I discovered Susie Larson in grad school and fell in love with her authenticity and the wide range of perspectives she covered. She is just as wise and kind in person. Everything that comes out of her is so deep and just breathes life. I highly recommend giving her a read/listen if you have time! Anyways, I’m working on a book idea and had been talking about wanting to try to see if she would be willing to get coffee with me to discuss it for months. I had an email drafted and everything and just couldn’t pull the trigger. In my mind she’s kind of a big-time celebrity and I think I just couldn’t face the fear of rejection. So….Ben went ahead and wrote her AND tweeted at her for me (without my knowing). I’d be really upset about it except for the fact that it worked and I finally DID get to meet one of my faith heroes . Never mind the fact I sat through the meeting with a broken elbow! It was worth it.
  • In related news I’ve discovered a lot of strange and unexpected things I can and cannot do with a broken elbow. CAN’Ts: squeeze toothpaste onto my toothbrush, text with two hands, put my hair in a ponytail (Ben has gotten pretty good at this task). CANs: Use my sling as a holder for my phone (a genius solution when none of my clothes have pockets!), wear my jacket like a cape, illicit a lot of sympathy/help/pitiful stares from strangers when I’m out and about.
  • I finally successfully dragged Ben to the Nutcracker ballet! My family used to go every year when we lived in Korea and it’s one of my favorite Christmas time traditions. We saw Septime Weber’s rendition at the Warner Theater in D.C. The entire ballet had a D.C. theme and despite the lack of live orchestra was one of my favorite interpretations I’ve seen in a while. I’m also convinced Ben secretly loved it…but the jury is still out on that one I guess. (iPhone pic below)

  • Our ecommerce business and entrepreneurial story was featured in Forbes which  was pretty exciting! We were interviewed for this a while back and weren’t sure if it was going to be published or not but lo and behold here it is! The amount of responses from friends and acquaintances has been kind of overwhelming. Ben and I really love helping people talk through business ideas and provide guidance where and when we can so if anyone has ideas and wants someone to talk to about them, you know where to go.
  • I was received the Best of the Knot 2017 award again for the top 3% of wedding photographers in the country. It’s my second year getting the distinction and it really warms my heart to know that my clients have had such a good experience working with me!

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