Midweek Musings | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

This past week has been a whirlwind! Not only was my mom in town visiting in between two consulting jobs in D.C. but I had two engagement sessions, a gorgeous Alexandria wedding AND a ton has been going on in our other business. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that “other business” recently so I’ll be doing a post soon explaining more of what that is and how we got into it! In the meantime here’s some of what’s been going on this week.

  • Ben and I signed up for the CONNECT retreat 2017 in Georgia. It’s a retreat specifically for couples in business who want to grow and learn how to integrate faith, business and family. It was initially recommended to me by Katelyn James and we are SO excited to meet couple entrepreneurs from all over the country!


  • Julianne and Trey finally got married on Saturday on a beautiful day in Old Town Alexandria! I fell in love with Julianne from the first time we had coffee together and have been eagerly anticipating their wedding for months. Julianne is from Richmond and Trey is from Alabama/VA and their wedding just screamed southern charm to me. Take a look at the blog post and let me know if you feel the same! Also, how gorgeous are they?


  • I think we discovered our new favorite Thai place. This is a big deal people! I LOVE to eat out…and I HATE spending money on mediocre food so when we find a restaurant we love it’s like the heavens have opened up. We had dinner with two couple friends (and a set of adorable 1.5 year old twins) and all ordered a smattering of Thai dishes to share. After trying six different things I can safely say this is the best Thai food we’ve had in Northern Virginia and we’ll be going back frequently. (In case you’re wondering where this place is here you go and you’re welcome: http://www.chaophrayathai.com/)
  • This week we got to meet with Amazon’s Public Policy team in Washington D.C.!  For those of you who don’t know, we’re an Amazon Exclusives seller (check out www.willowandeverett.com) and we’ve been tapped for a pretty cool opportunity to go brief Congress on issues related to small business and entrepreneurship as Amazon’s ONLY seller representative. We are REALLY excited to share some of our thoughts with key representatives related to entrepreneurship in America. And I’m already freaking out about not making a fool of myself! (For some reason every time I go somewhere important I have visions of myself tripping down a flight of stairs. Every. single.time.) In less exciting news we topped off our meeting with a dinner at Bantam King to try D.C.’s new “hot spot” for chicken Ramen. It definitely did not disappoint!

Tomorrow I’m shooting a sunrise engagement session with Molly and Jason (these two are so sweet!!! I can’t wait for you to “meet” them on the blog) and then hoping a bus to NYC for a SUNSET engagement session with one of my equally awesome 2017 couples who are getting married in Newport, RI next June. After that we’re off to Ocean City, NJ for the fourth of July and my birthday with family. I don’t think I’ve missed a fourth of July at the shore since we moved back to the U.S. when I went to college and it’s one of my favorite annual traditions! I hope you have a wonderful week and 4th of July and stay tuned for some sneak peeks of these amazing engagement sessions 🙂

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