Moving Plans + Trusting the Journey! | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

I have some big news for me, Ben and Camille Catherine Photography!

This Spring we’ve decided to pack up, sell a lot of what we have and move back to downtown Boston!!! (At least for a few months!) We are SO excited about this upcoming change that will happen mid-June after Ben’s Air Force commitment is finished. For those of you who don’t know, we came to D.C. almost three years ago for Ben’s new assignment with the AF. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know D.C., some awesome people here and credit our time of transition to a new city with giving us the motivation to start 3 new businesses! But, we feel like it’s time to move on and replant ourselves in a city that supports our entrepreneurial leanings and dreams.

Moving here was really hard on both of us. We LOVED Boston – the vitality, the people, the grittiness, the authenticity – and adjusting to a new area where we didn’t feel like we fit in was difficult. Once we settled in a bit (which took about a year and a half) we both started really enjoying the perks of living near the nations’s capital and in retrospect have seen dozens of ways God has used our experience of moving down here to grow us: I started Camille Catherine Photography while I was looking for a job and something to do; Ben and I started Willow & Everett because we couldn’t find a vibrant social community to invest in right away; our reliance on God deepened and our marriage developed in maturity as we figured out how to navigate what felt like a difficult situation.

I wouldn’t trade our time here for anything in the world but we feel called to go back to Boston. At least for a little bit! The plan right now is to sublet an apartment in the Back Bay area of the city and be there for June, July, August and September. I’ll be driving or flying back down to D.C. for the weddings that I have booked down here with my awesome brides and grooms! After September we’ll be taking off for a mini around the world tour hitting up countries like Italy, Greece, Austria, Israel, China and possibly India.

We’ll be back for one of my dearest friend’s weddings in December (near Boston!) and then will probably do one more month of travel in January and February (this time covering the Southern Hemisphere). After that, we’ll be making plans to plant some roots and settle into an area for a more permanent amount of time. Where will that be? We’re not so sure yet! Possibly Boston. Austin is also on our radar…or maybe we’ll even be called back to D.C.! I’ve been stressing out about the unknowns recently until I realized in a moment of clarity that life isn’t a problem that needs to be solved and “figured out” but an adventure to be lived. So, we’re trying to embrace the adventure and the uncertainty. We might not know specifics but we’re excited to trust the journey and  see how we grow and what we learn about ourselves, each other, God and the world in the next year.

So, what does all of this mean for Camille Catherine Photography? I’m so glad you asked! I’ll still be selectively taking on weddings in D.C. for spring/summer of 2018 and I’m really excited to have the flexibility in traveling to do that! No matter where we are in the country, we like D.C. enough (and the friends we’ve made here) to want an excuse to come back occasionally! Something new is that I will also be taking on weddings in the Boston area for summer/fall of 2017 and spring/summer of 2018! I only take on a max of 15 weddings a year so I can give all of my couples the attention they deserve and I’m excited at the prospect of having a mix of Boston and D.C. weddings as Ben and I figure out where we want to permanently replant ourselves and Camille Catherine Photography. 

One last development is that I’m also growing my team and have taken on an associate shooter (available only in the D.C. area)! This means that I’ll be able to offer photography services to MORE clients in the D.C. area, and let me tell you: Jess is AWESOME. I am so excited to have her as part of the CCP team and think future brides and grooms are going to love working with her.

I really want to thank all of my amazing DC/NOVA/MD brides and grooms who believed in me from my first year in business and have enabled Camille Catherine Photography to grow into what it is today. I can’t keep up with inquiries and only wish I had MORE associates on my team to serve more couples…and that’s all because of my 50+ clients that have allowed me to document their wedding days and have said such nice things about me to their friends and family.

I’ll be sad to leave the D.C. market for a little bit but am excited at the prospect of getting back to a city we love and photographing in a new environment! If you’re getting married in the Boston area (or overseas in any of the places I’ve mentioned!) let’s talk! I would love to have you be one of my first few New England clients as I relocate my business for the next year 🙂

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