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This is long overdue, but Ben and I kind of hit the ground running as soon as we landed at Dulles from our trip in Europe. Working full-time and running two businesses (photography and e-commerce) definitely keeps us busy and our 10 day trip to Europe was a much needed break.

For those of you who don’t know, I was raised overseas and spent half of my pre-college years in Europe (the other half in Asia). Ben and I had both really been looking forward to our first trip to Europe together  – mainly intended as a chance for us to spend some extended quality time together and for me to show Ben all the places in Europe that are meaningful to me. We saw my old house and high school in Brussels and my old apartment and favorite bakery in Paris in addition to all of the other wonderful sights those cities have to offer as well! We’re already dreaming about going back – and hopefully even living there temporarily at some point 🙂

Now feast your eyes on some photos and highlights from the trip!

  • France and Belgium’s best kept secret from non-locals: Durums. Think a gyro pita wrap stuffed with all the delicious usual goodies PLUS french fries and your choice of delicious (not-so-good-for-you) sauce. My favorite is Andalouse. You usually find these sold off the beaten path on little side streets at hole in the wall store fronts but they’re a must try!
  • Pierre Herme macarons are better than La Duree. I won’t hear otherwise! It’s funny to me that everyone obsesses over La Duree and they’re more well known when Pierre Herme is INFINITELY (in my opinion) better. Plus they have really “trendy” and unique flavors like Olive Oil with Mandarin Orange (weird sounding but delicious I promise!) and Jasmine, Mango and Candied Grapefruit.
  • REAL Belgium waffles are better than I remembered
  • Is it bad that all of these are about food?
  • All museums in London are now FREE. Yes, free! We had one rainy day in London and took advantage (we love free!) of this new city perk and visited the Albert and Victoria Museum, Tate and Science Museum (Ben’s request). They were all amazing museums and while I usually like spending time outside exploring they were all worth a half day inside!
  • Wicked = new favorite musical. Ben and I scooped up tickets to see the musical our first night in London and it blew me away. The whole thing was amazing from start to finish and the Westend cast is incredible. If you haven’t see it yet and you like the theater put this on your list!
  • Time away from work, the internet (at times) and everyday life is good for our relationships and soul. It sounds so obvious but I was amazed at how LIGHT I felt without my phone always attached to me and with limited computer use. Managing two businesses means we can’t completely disconnect from the internet for days on end, but only checking in once a day was a really nice break from the constant momentum and activity we usually experience. It also feels weird to say this as a photographer, but I only took my fancy camera out with me on a few days (intentionally) so I could really focus on Ben and soaking up the moment instead of always having my face buried behind a lens and scoping out different photo opps.
  • Having said that, I DID spend time with two friends in Paris for an anniversary shoot which I already shared on the blog here. My lovely friend from Hello Love Events provided some beautiful calligraphy and Emily and Rob just stole the show. After you hop on over to check that out, enjoy some snapshots from our European vacation!

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